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How does a septic tank work?

There are basically two types of septic tanks: traditional, masonry built pits or more modern GRP (glassfibre) units, often referred to as “onions”. Whatever the type, their function is the same – a settlement tank in which the sewage sludge is retained for sufficient time for the organic matter to undergo anaerobic decomposition. The final effluent from the septic tank should then be drained to an underground soakaway system.


The soakaway must be of adequate size to deal efficiently with the volume of final  effluent, which could be in excess of 180 litres (40 gallons) for each member of the household.


Whichever the kind of the septic tank the most common problem is failure of the soakaway due to sludge buildup. As a result we urge all our customers to reguarly have their tank cleaned and we provide a reminder service for the clients needs as well.


Here at AMS we make sure your pit is free from all solids and waste water to make sure that you are left with peace of mind that you sewerage is being dealt with safely and legally.


The video below animates basically how a system works.

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